Welcome to Khalsa Montessori School

For over forty years, the dedicated teachers and administration of Khalsa Montessori School have served children and their families in central Phoenix. Our school began with a belief in the incredible potential of every child and the desire to create a holistic school environment that would nurture and inspire this potential. We soon learned that we were most effective when a child’s education developed within a partnership of families, teachers and administrators working together to support student self-responsibility and self-motivation. Together we have integrated a challenging Montessori education and a caring, responsible community to lay the foundation for those habits of mind that support happiness and success both in school and in life.

The quality of Khalsa Montessori School has been well documented in recent years with our students’ exceptionally high test scores, our top “Excelling” rating and an "A" grade from the Arizona Department of Education, and “Poetic Achievement Awards” for our students published in A Celebration of Young Poets. Furthermore, every year Khalsa's affect on students is reaffirmed by the post-elementary experiences of our alumni who share the impact of their preparation at Khalsa with our graduating students at the end of each year.

What Others Have Said What Parents and Students Have Said 2010-11 Parents comments In 2008 Khalsa Montessori was found to be one of the top three charter schools in Arizona in promoting individual student academic growth by a comprehensive research study: Success Measure – Four Foundational Elements of Student-Level Growth.  To view this study visit our “What Others Have Said” section.

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Materials of the Montessori educational system. More photos»

We attribute our success to a number of factors: our administrative commitment to slow conscious growth; the strength of the method and materials of the Montessori educational system; the commitment of families to quality Montessori education; and the holistic basis of our programs that allows for the nurturing of academic potential as well as creative, social and physical growth. But, I believe that central to the success of our students are the Khalsa teachers who have dedicated over 275 years of teaching experience to providing an environment that meets students’ needs and prepares them for success in life.

When Khalsa Montessori students graduate, they have experienced an education that offers them the skills, depth of understanding, and patterns of learning and life that prepare them for the next stage of their lives. As Margaret Howard Loeffler (author of Montessori in Contemporary American Culture) wrote:

“For it is only as children begin to assume responsibility for their own thinking and, growing out of that, responsibility for their own actions, that they can move along the path to becoming mature and responsible adults.”

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Nurturing academic potential as well as creative, social and physical growth. More photos»

We hope that you enjoy this web introduction to Khalsa Montessori School. Through this site you can access a wealth of information about our history, philosophy, organizational structure, policies, and procedures. If you are learning about the school for the first time, we believe that this will give you an excellent overview. I will always recommend, though, that you visit the school in person. You may set up a tour of the school with our Admissions Director, Karen Paxton. Call the office at 602-252-3759 to set up an appointment. Again welcome to the community of Khalsa Montessori.

— Satwant Singh Khalsa
Former Director, Khalsa Montessori School

— Keerat Giordano
Director, Khalsa Montessori School